• Serve as the host institution for a National Coordination Unit (NCU) which provides the national coordination of project operations;
  • Maintain international co-ordination with the Project Management Unit (PMU) located within the UNECE secretariat in Geneva and with the NCUs in other participating countries;
  • Provide national level coordination with local offices of the UN system, as required by the PMU;
  • Maintain local coordination with the managers of relevant international projects and financing mechanisms including projects supported by the GEF, EBRD, World Bank, IFC, European Commission, USAID, USEPA and bilateral programmes.
  • Identify and suggest to PMU municipalities and industrial plants to participate in investment project development activities;
  • Serve as the webmaster, either directly or through sub-contract, for the project network of national and international counterparts;
  • Work with the PMU and international counterparts to support the organisation of project training courses, workshops, and seminars;
  • Provide information, data and assistance for the preparation of the regional energy efficiency policy review, project case studies and the identification of barriers to the implementation of investment projects;
  • Disseminate the results of project activities through local language publications, Internet posting of relevant project materials, radio and television broadcasts;
  • Contribute ‘in-kind’ resources to support project activities.
    The NPI will ensure close coordination and follow-up on policy analyses by providing the information or documentation needed to implement local policy, administrative, regulatory or institutional reforms that support energy efficiency investment projects. This will include assistance in the preparation of international seminars for senior decision makers and/or parliamentarians in the framework of the project.

FEEI Albania project website

Welcome to the official website of FEEI project for Albania.This site will be completed in the few next days. Thank you for your visit.